How to Add ads.txt File in WordPress

How to Add ads.txt File in WordPress

Are you submitting your website to Google AdSense, Ezoic or any other Ads network? Before that, You need to add an ads.txt file on your website. In this article, You will learn How to Add an ads.txt File in WordPress.

Ads network complete their jobs legally. They need your public declaration of who can sell your ad space. The ads.txt file completes this job. This file gives permission to the ads network to sell your ad space.  

How to Add ads.txt File in WordPress

You can create an ads.txt file manually. Just go to your cPanel public_html folder and create a file named ads.txt. Place authorizes code. But you can’t manage it properly and you can’t add new. And have many other problems. So, I suggest using a free ads.txt file manager tool. 

The tool’s name is “Ads txt manager”. was built by a Google Certified Publishing Partner. You can use it, it’s safe.

Let’s step up:

  1. Go to and create an account. Then log in to your account. 
ads txt manager

2. From your account dashboard click “Get Started”. There are a total of 5 steps you need to complete. In the first step, they just explain “What is ads.txt”. Read it then click next. 

3. In the second step, You need to select your ad network. Nothing we have with the import step. 

4. In the fourth step, You will see an account ID. Login to your WordPress website admin panel. Install this plugin “Ads.txt Manager”. Don’t worry about the latest update because this plugin no needs an update. And active this plugin.

How to Add ads.txt File in WordPress

5. Now you need to go to Settings > Ads.txt Manager Settings. You will get the input field, Place here account ID. 

How to Add ads.txt File in WordPress

6. Back to, the last step is to validate. You need to wait some time for an update

How to Add ads.txt File in WordPress

If you finish those steps. You can visit I hope you understand what to do. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are ads TXT important?

Because The ad network won’t place any ad without your permission. They needed public declaration. That public declaration is an ads.txt file.

How do I validate an Ads.txt file?

You can visit If your ads.txt file exists then it’s done.


Every website owner who wants to place ads needs to add this file. It’s one of the main conditions of ad networks. I think you properly place the ads.txt file.

I hope you like this article. If you have any problem, We can help you.

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