How to Create a Download Link in WordPress

How to Create a Download Link in WordPress

Do you want to create a download link for your file in WordPress? There are many ways to create a download link. In this article, You learn about “How to Create a Download Link in WordPress”.

Sometimes, We have to provide files for the audience. WordPress has an official system for creating download links. We can use it. But It’s so simple. If you want more smart download links. There are other systems for that. We have learned both systems. 

Method Number 1: WordPress Build-in File Sharing

By adding a download link for your audience, It will be easy for sharing files like Images, videos, Zip files, Pdf files, Plugins, Theme files, etc. The audience can download this file. WordPress has a built-in system for sharing files. Let’s see it.

At first simply go to your page or post, where you want to share a file link.

How to Create a Download Link in WordPress

Find a Gutenberg block named “File” and place it. Let’s see the next screenshot.

How to Create a Download Link in WordPress

You can see two buttons, You can upload or select from your media library. It’s good for normal use but sometimes we need to advance the download link. I need to use the WordPress plugin.

Method Number 2: Sell Digital Product

There is another possibility. You may want permission to download your file after completing the payment. This is an opportunity for you to sell digital products. It’s so simple to set up a payment page before downloading your file. Let’s do this. 

We are going to use the plugin named “Easy Digital Downloads”. Download and install it. After activating it, You will see, There is a new settings page added to the main menu list named “Downloads”. 

Then go to Downloads > Settings

How to Create a Download Link in WordPress

Set your payment method. You can set up PayPal. There are other options like Email, Texas, Marketing, etc. Before adding a downloadable file, Make sure that You set up the payment option properly. Let’s add a file for download. 

Just go to Downloads > Downloads.

How to Create a Download Link in WordPress


How to Create a Download Link in WordPress

You will find lots of options on the bottom and side. Fill in what you need. The main thing is, You need to create a product page. Then save and copy your product page link. Share this link, Where you want. Your buyer will come to this page.


At the moment, selling digital products is the most popular. You do not need to set up a store. But you can accept payment. Or you can share a file with the first method. 

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