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How to Create User Registration Form in WordPress

Do you search for How to Create a User Registration Form in WordPress? Then you are in right place. If you read this article carefully, You would be create a subscriber registration form.  

For creating a user registration form, we will take help from a plugin. Because We have security issues If you want to create a Registration form manually. It will be better to use a plugin for it.

Let’s know about the benefits of user registration from:

Benefits from User Registration:

It’s will be various benefits from user registration. In the world of information technology. Information is always king. The more information you have, the faster you will succeed.

Collect Visitors Information: When you will provide better service. You need to get in touch with visitors and made them your client. Made a relationship with them. That is the reason you need to create a registration form to make subscribers.  

Email Marketing: You can create an email list and manage them, send them to offers, Notify new posts, etc. It will increase your marketing effort. 

Guest Posting: Guest posting is one of the most important ways for your success. You can offer to people for guest login of your blog or site.  

You need to collect visitors’ information to make better business. Let’s step up. 

Create User Registration Form:

There are too many plugins to create a user registration form. But I have chosen one named “User Registration”. They have a premium version but the free version also has enough options. I am not going to write unnecessary words to long my article. 

Let’s step up: 

Step 1: Install and activate the User Registration plugin. 

Step 2: Go to User Registration > All Forms You will see a form automatically created. Edit that form.

Step 3: You can update that form or create a new one and keep this form the same.

Step 4: Copy that shortcode.

Step 5: Create a page and place that shortcode.

Step: 6: View that page, You have created recently.

I hope your registration page is ready. 

Note: If you are able to buy a premium plugin for user registration and many others. Try to buy it from Codecanyon “WordPress Profile Builder Plugin”


I always avoid unnecessary words. It’s boring to read. If my article has hard to read. Please drop a comment. 

It’s common to use WPForm also popular but this is also a good plugin. 

I hope you like this article. Now you know about “How to Create User Registration Form in WordPress”.

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