How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

You have a website or blog on WordPress. Everyone wants the success of his website . Your website must be successful . if you can give your visitor what they want .  You need to know how your visitor behaves. Also need to track your visitor to improve your website . The tracking service provided most trustable google . This service is google analytics .

Google analytics can be added on html , WordPress and google supported platform . In this article, I will show you “How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress ” . Too many ways to add google analytics on your website . and also I will show alternatives of  google analytics .

Why google analytics:

Google analytics allows you to track many important metrics, covering all aspects. It helps you to receive data about your post content views , shere etc . You can monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, and device functionality. 

Conversion Tracking: You will be inspired to know how many people visit your site and where they came from . You can set goals to track when a user completes a certain action on your site.

Customer Engagement: Google analytics have renowned features that allow you to review how well users are interacting with your website and content .

  • Bounce rate – The percentage of visitors that navigate away from your website without interaction, after viewing only one page.
  • Pages/Session –  The average number of pages each visitor has viewed (this does not include those that have bounced)
  • Average Session Duration – The average amount of time spent on the website by each visitor (again, this does not include those that have bounced).

Device Overview: Is  your content mobile friendly? Which device visitor read your content? You get answers automatically . So why too late .  We will set up Google analytics .

 How to add google analytics with WordPress plugin:

So many WordPress plugins provided google analytics service . But I will show the best two WordPress plugins for setting up google analytics on you site .

1 . Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed :

Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google for insights about how people find and use your site. This plugin is the one-stop solution to deploy, manage, and get insights from critical Google tools to make the site successful on the web. It provides authoritative, up-to-date insights from multiple Google products directly on the WordPress dashboard for easy access, all for free.

It’s too easy just install this plugin , Just follow the step :

 Step 1: Install and active the plugin click here

how to add google analytics to WordPress

Step 2: Sign in with Google

how to add google analytics to WordPress
Start setup

Step 3: Fill all the form needed to setup . And connect Google analysis form Sit Kit > settings .

Your can connect more google service from hear .

2. MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Made Easy):

Over 3 million active installs, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. MonsterInsights allows you to set up analytics in just a few clicks, and easily see at a glance how your site is performing.

Just few click to setup MonsterInsights :

Step 1: Install and active the plugin MonsterInsights

Step 2: See the notification to connect MonsterInsights

how to add google analytics to WordPress
Click Connect

Step 3: Start setup like

how to add google analytics to WordPress

And finished setup . Enjoy the Most popular analytics plugin .

Which plugin is the best:

Both plugin are good for google analytics . Don’t worry ‍about which plugin you use . But if you want specific and details data about your visitor , you can use MonsterInsights plugin . This is my recommendation . Some fact you need to know .

Popularity : Site Kit by Google have 1+ million active install . MonsterInsights have 3+ million active install . Now you can decide which plugin are popular .

Ecommerce : If you integrated your site with Ecommerce . That time you need to use MonsterInsights . Because , MonsterInsights have specials service for Ecommerce .

Specials Tracking: MonsterInsights have some specials service . E.g. Author Tracking ,Post Type Tracking, Category Tracking, Tags Tracking, Focus Keyword Tracking ‍and Published Time Tracking .

Full Free : Site kit by google is open source plugin . but MonsterInsights have premium service .

MonsterInsights have some premium features so people like this plugin . I things monsterInsights is best for google analytics .

How to add google analytics with manually:

 If you don’t want to use any plugin , you can add google analytics manually .  Let’s set up the google analytics menu manually .

Step 1 : Create an account on Google analytics (If you don’t have.)

how to add google analytics to WordPress
Click start for free .

Step 2: Now sign-in with your Gmail account . Then you got a Google analytics page . Click button start measuring .

Step 3: After that, you will be asked to provide an account name. This account Will separate with other account , each account have each account . You can use business name or domain name as you like . Fill all information and click create .

how to add google analytics to WordPress
Google analytics account page

Step 4 : Great you create you account . Now Set up a data stream to start collecting data .

Step 4 : Add the Tracking Code to the header.php file . Paste it immediately after the <head> tag of your site.

how to add google analytics to WordPress
Past on header.php

That’s it. Now you will get real time update .

Note: It’s better to use an plugin .

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use Google Analytics with WordPress?

Yes , You can use google analytics with WordPress in several ways , manually or plugin .
Like, MonsterInsights

How do I integrate Google Analytics into WordPress?

That’s simple . Install Google analytics supported plugin like, MonsterInsights plugin , jetpack plugin , Site Kit by Google . you can add tracking code manually on header.php under <head> tag . That’s the way .

How do I add Google Analytics to WordPress without plugins?

Firstly sign in google analytics . Create account and Property settings > Tracking Info > Tracking code , copy the code . Your WordPress theme Header.php udder <head> tag past the code .


I show you the best two plugin plugin for google analytics . Also show you how to add google analytics manually . Both are free to use . You need only install . We hope this article helped you learn how to add google analytics to WordPress. 

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