Iframe Generator

Most of iframe generator tools are out of dated, new iframe attribute option not added, So We make an tools that's have new HTML 5 attribute.

Note: All size basses on Pixel (px). Preview button are coming soon.

The HTML Inline Frame element (<iframe>) embedding another HTML page into the current one. Iframe generator basses on HTML 5 attribute

iFrame Attribute:

This element includes the Global attributes.

  • allow: Specifies a feature policy for the iframe.
  • allowfullscreen: This attribute is redefined as allow="fullscreen".
  • allowpaymentrequest: This attribute is redefined as allow="payment".
  • height: By default height value is Pixel (px).
  • loading: Browser should load an iframe immediately or to defer loading of iframes.
  • name: Specifies name for iframe.
  • referrerpolicy: Specifies which referrer information to send when fetching the iframe.
  • sandbox: Enables an extra set of restrictions for the content in an </p>.
  • src: The address of the document.
  • srcdoc: HTML code for the document.
  • width: For specifies width.

Iframe have many more deprecated attribute like align, frameborder, longdesc, marginheight, marginwidth and scrolling (not supported by all user agents).

Why use this tools :

Lot’s of tools have in the internet. Most of tools used deprecated attribute and out of dated. So, We feels important to make new tools. If you want more improvement of this tools feel free to contact us.