What is The Jetpack Plugin WordPress ?

You use the WordPress Content management system . You need to know,  What is the  jetpack plugin WordPress ? WordPress officially built that plugin . WordPress service fully you need to install jetpack WordPress plugin . That plugin has so many contributors . 

Jetpack has lots of features . It allows you to choose features you want to use .  You can turn off the features you don’t need . The core focus of the plugin is Security, performance, and marketing tools . Jetpack’s core features are and always will be free .

What is the use of jetpack in WordPress?

Jetpack has unlimited opportunity. It’s features can be turned off. Each feature default off to use features, You need to turn it on. Take your Advantage .

Full List of Features:

  1. Ads / AdBlock
  2. LaTeX markup language
  3. Business Hours Block
  4. Carousel
  6. Comment Likes
  7. Contact Info Block
  8. Contact Form (Classic Editor) / Form block
  9. Custom CSS
  10. Custom Post Types
  11. Enhanced Distribution
  12. Extra Sidebar Widgets
  13. Gif Block
  14. Gravatar Hovercards
  15. Google Analytics
  16. Post infinite Scroll
  17. JSON API
  18. Lazy Load Images
  19. Posts Likes
  20. Map Block
  21. Markdown (Classic Editor) / Markdown Block
  22. Site Monitor
  23. Notifications
  24. Pinterest Block
  25. Plugin Management
  26. Post by Email
  27. Web site protect
  28. Share new posts on social media networks automatically
  29. Add payments method
  30. Related Posts (Classic Editor) / Related Posts Block
  31. Repeat Visitor Block
  32. Security Scanning
  33. Advanced Search
  34. SEO Tools
  35. sharing buttons to your blog posts
  36. Shortcode Embeds
  37. Simple Payments Block
  38. Single Sign On
  39. Site Accelerator
  40. Website Backups
  41. Site Stats
  42. Site Verification
  43. Sitemaps
  44. Slideshow Block
  45. Spam Filtering
  46. Star Rating Block
  47. Subscriptions (Classic Editor) / Subscription Form Block
  48. Tiled Galleries (Classic Editor) / Tiled Galleries Block
  49. Video Hosting (Classic Editor) / Video Block
  50. Generate Shortlinks
  51. Widget Visibility for specific page
  52. Toolbar

Note: This features list comes with jetpack’s official website.

Advantage of jetpack plugin:

Jetpack is made for Security , performance, and marketing tools. It makes your site secure and fast. Also solve marketing problems.

  • You can take backup of your site.
  • Use mathematical equations LaTex.
  • Advance comment with social login system.
  • Post and comment likes system.
  • Ready made sidebar widgets.
  • Automatic pulls next posts.
  • Image lazy loader
  • One plugin easy to updated
  • Image delivery via CDN

Many more we already discuss about that. In a word , This is all in one.

Disadvantage of jetpack plugin:

This Great plugin have some problem everyone needs to know. When there are many benefits in one place, there are some problems inside.

  • It’s have too many functionality.
  • There are option working with account.
  • Photon! Search engines won’t redirect to your site.
  • Conflicts with others plugins (Maybe not).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is jetpack compatible with WordPress org?

Yes, Jetpack is compatible with . It connects your site with features. You can use all of there features .

How to add jetpack plugin?

It’s so simple. Go to plugin page search name of jetpack install and active. You will get a menu bar item named Jetpack.  Then connect the free account with


You are using WordPress CMS . Jetpack is a WordPress product . No doubt it’s one of the best WordPress plugin. I am using it and I am satisfied.

I hope so. You like the article. If you have any question about it feel free use the comments field below

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